Gran Duque de Alba
Gran Duque de Alba Oro


Gran Duque de Alba

Gran Duque de Alba Ice is the freshest fruitiest version of the internationally prize-winning brandy de Jerez solera gran reserva Gran Duque de Alba.

Alcohol content: 40% Alc/Vol.

Type of product: Brandy de Jerez

Solera Gran Reserva

Sugar content: 17 gr./l

To curl the curl, the Duke of Alba becomes raw material at the same time, of the Grand Duke of Alba Oro, advancing again through the soleraje through five criaderas until reaching the solera again.

Distillation in stills at 65º to obtain excellent ‘holandas’ (distillates). The extraordinary characteristics of this Brandy are the result of a careful selection of the raw materials used in its production. First of all, excellent palomino and airen white wines are selected. Early distillation and the method are decisive for the final quality of the distillates (holandas). The holandas are aged in American oak butts previously seasoned with Oloroso wine and, following the traditional Soleras y Criaderas system, they enter the system in the 10th criadera, and pass through the rows up to the solera. The volume of draw off is strictly controlled to ensure the age of the brandy remains constant.

Its mahogany colour with golden tones and the complexity of its “wine ester” aromas and rich balsamic nuances shows the long, appropriate amount of time it spent in wood. Slightly sweet on the mouth, it is fresh and fruity with a long, pleasant finish.

A great homage to the palate, to enjoy this stately brand in private or with friends, with ice or in a long drink.

Gran Duque de Alba